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Basic Repairs

Specializing in the restoration of historic home features.  These include wood windows, interior and exterior doors, Yankee gutters, pocket doors and railings.

Basic Repairs that can be done at your home include replacing broken panes, reglazing, and installing new ropes and chains.   For these services we charge by the hour, plus materials, and will provide an estimate in advance.

Window Restoration

Window Tune-Up offers basic care to ensure your windows open and close properly and are energy efficient.   A tune-up is usually conducted at your home site, with window sashes removed and reinstalled same day depending on the number. The services required can include:

  • “Unsticking” windows that have been painted shut

  • Replacing any broken or cracked panes

  • Scraping out and replacing cracked or dried glazing

  • Installing new ropes (or chains) for easy opening/closing

  • Installing metal weather strip, if needed

  • Replacing parting beads between window sashes

  • Priming exterior of window sashes

  • Cleaning and reinstalling the sashes.

Additional services include painting the interior of the sashes to match the rest of your home, and required repair to wooden elements; estimates are provided in advance.

Window Tune-Up

Full Restoration addresses windows that require repairs to the sashes, sills or jambs, as well as complete removal and replacement of old paint and glazing.    We remove the sashes and restore them at our shop in West Orange, NJ. In addition to all of the “tune-up” services listed above, full restoration includes the complete removal of old paint and all old glazing; repairing damage and rot; resetting joints as needed; priming all wood surfaces and painting if desired, and reinstallation.  Pricing depends on the number of panes and the condition of the windows, 


Full Restoration

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